Loyd Ivey

Name: Loyd Ivey
Company: Mitek Corporation
Position: CEO
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 My father, John, was 59 when I was born. He was a wonderful, wonderful human being. He was retired by the time I was in first grade. From the time I was born he never went anywhere unless I was right there with him. He died when I was 16, but I had 16 great years with my father. Most kids don't get that. They don't get a lot of common sense from their father because their fathers are at work and then are tired after. We were really poor. If we wanted fish, we fished. If we wanted vegetables, we went to the garden. My father taught me never to take a dollar of welfare from [anyone]. And if you have any extra you give to anyone else. That's what we did. I believe in that. I give away millions of dollars each year. It's important. I'm a pillar of the United Way. I don't want people calling me looking for handouts, because it won't happen. I have a very specific way I give. I don't do business with anyone I don't like. If you do business with someone you don't like just for the money, then you're just a prostitute. You're prostituting yourself just for the money. I don't care if you're 8 or 80 years old, you just don't do it. You count your very best friends on one hand. You won't get any more than five. You'll lose best friends as soon as they stab you in the back for money.



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