Loyd Ivey

Name: Loyd Ivey
Company: Mitek Corporation
Position: CEO
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I understand God has given me the ability to tell between right and wrong. When I do right, I know I'm doing right but when I'm doing wrong, I know I'm doing wrong. I've been challenged a lot in my life. I ask, 'Why me, God?' and then later realize that was the best thing that happened to me. I grew up in Bollinger County and dropped out of school. It was so boring that I couldn't stand it anymore. At 16 I went to Chicago and went to work in the steel mill. I had part-time jobs and got married when I was 16 to Debbie, whom I've been with for 42 years. We both went to Woodland. She and I dropped out of high school. I'm a true entrepreneur. I'm very outspoken because if you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything. I credit overcoming those challenges to lack of fear. I was too dumb to do it and did it anyway.

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